• created by
    Patrick Carman
    and Jeffrey Townsend
  • based on the novel
    by Patrick Carman
  • directed by
    Jeffrey Townsend
  • associate producer /
    director of photography

    Daniel FitzSimmons
  • gaffer
    Lee Narby
  • hair / makeup
    Svetlana Britt
  • wardrobe supervisor
    Natalie Lozoya
  • wigs provided by
    Susan Kelber
  • production assistants
    Ryan Bosc
    Josh Cimino
  • casting consultant
    Mike Valentino
  • Alex
    Josh Brodis
  • Avery
    Whitney Forrest
  • Ben
    Morgan Roberts
  • Connor
    Darrel Davenport
  • Cowboy Hat
    Thomas Beebe
  • Davis
    Cole Carson
  • Dr. Stevens
    Paige Orr
  • Kate
    Perry Mattfeld
  • Marisa
    Jessica Jean
  • Marisa’s father
    Placido Barrientos
  • Mrs. Goring
    Ann Benson
  • Rainsford
    Mark Raddatz
  • Will
    Nathaniel Meek

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